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Skim coat and paint

What do you do with walls that are really messed up? Skim coat!

Skim coat means covering a surface with a thin coat of drywall mud then sanding, priming, and painting. Here are illustrations.

#1 wall with visible damage from dining room chairs. There is more damage not visible to camera. Rather than patching each dent, nick, or scratch the skim coat is the best solution.




Sorry I don’t have photos of apply the mud. The method is to use thin mud, apply enough to completely cover an area, then use your trowel like a squidgy to remove. Apply even pressure so that you can feel the hard wall surface and just a little bit remain on the wall.

Sanding is the next important skill and lighting is key to this. Too much light does not allow you to see the imperfections. Indirect light makes flaws visible. Sponge sanders are great because they don’t gouge the surface the way a hard sander sometimes does.


In this dinning room we added chair rail and painted

The door also got new moldings and paint





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